How can I sync my Airbnb calendar to other websites


Synchronizing a calendar from one website to other website is an essential feature of online booking softwares.

First what is synchronization of calendars between websites,

Simply, having same data of calendar values in all the websites is called calendar ical synchronization.

To achieve this, we should have icalendar(standard Internet format calendar) option in our website.

Nowadays we have multiple ways to book a seat in a train or ticket in theatre or rooms at hotels. For example, you have listed a room or space in Airbnb. You may have the same room listed in some other platforms like hyra Aibnb clone. So if some user comes and book that place for a particular date in hyra, it is very much essential that the dates should not be available to book from Airbnb since, it is already booked from hyraThis can be happen when the calendar is synchronized together.

This will resolve many issues like duplicate booking and gives the user an hope to use our system.

When your website is enabled with this feature ical synchronization, you can be allowed to import and export your calendar widely to all websites.

You can generate an url of your calendar and that can be imported or exported to other platforms from hyra to airbnb.

We have this most likely feature enabled in our product hyra an AirBnB clone script for online space rental business.

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