Automation as service through Ansible


Automation of IT infrastructure

When we talk about automation in IT industry, three things will comes in our mind

  • Ansible
  • Chef
  • Puppet

Among these three Ansible is very much preferred and recommended tool because of its Agent-less concept.

Ansible is used for IT infrastructure automation, application deployment, intraservice orchestration and provisioning.

Ansible interacts with its client machine though secure ssh connection. So its highly secured tool to communicate with client machine compared to Chef and Puppet.

Meanwhile puppet and chef is working in the style of master and slave concept, which requires client machine also be configured with proper client configuration for master client communication. Where ANSIBLE does not need any installation or configuration on the client side.

Also Ansible has instant remote execution where the other both need some push/pull configuration at the client side before execution

So, I hope you guys would understand clearly how ANSIBLE is best from the others.

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