How hourly booking is beneficial in online rental business


What is Hourly Booking?

Booking a space or room based on number of hours is called Hourly booking. This hourly booking is most likely feature in online rental business market. Which is giving benefit to both Guest(Booking person) and Host(Owner of the space)

How hourly booking increase interests of users to stay with your website:

When your guest actually needs to stay in your place for only few hours, they would prefer the websites who is providing hourly booking option. So when you have hourly booking, you customeres will easily be attracted and always would prefer to book from your websites because of they will be paying based on how many hours they used.

How hourly booking is benefitial to Host”

As a Host when you put your space or room for online rental in day basis, you can accept only one booking per day. And the duration of that booking would be 8 to 10 hours of the day. Which means that space will be useless for the remaining hours of the day. But when you rent your space in hourly basis, you can rent your space and make money on all the 24 hours and can accept multiple users on the same day.

Hyraspace has this feature as its default in its product. So you can easily attract your customers by purchasing our product.

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