A space for everything – Hyraspace



Hyraspace is an online business software for online space rental. It is a clone script of Airbnb, peerspace and splacer. Hyraspace is designed with latest technology and design components that gives awful user experience to its users.

Online space rental software is a replica software of Airbnb especially designed for space rental business.

A space for everything:

people started rent and earning with what they have. Like vehicles, rooms, hotels, people started renting their space also. Outdoor celebrating culture has become popular nowadays. Wedding, photoshoot, birthday party, Office meetup, office lunch, reception like many things are happening in the open space. Like people would love to customize the place as they want. We cant customize already built building. That’s why they are interested in empty spaces.

Also co-working space culture is spreading all the way. Instead of building up an office, people would love to use the co-working space that has all the necessary things for an office, like printer, cabin, restrooms, reception… etc..,

Instead of expensing more on building new office with all needs, people started using and started migrating to the co-working culture. You may customize your workspace as your office need. Like customizing the cabin design, if you want you can attach door for your cabin.

So spaces making things that people started love also. Renting your own space, that might be an empty lawn or ground or an office space will generate revenue for its owner.

People who interested in renting a new space and people who interested in listing their space to be rented needs a platform. Cron24 is cleanly designed a product for online space rental business. To succeed in this business you dont need to have your own spaces. It’s enough you can just own the software that allows people to list and rent the space.

Start you business today with hyraspace from cron24 and get succeed.

Thank you