Why choose Online business to get succeed.

World in hands:

In olden days, some people used to say, the entire world will come in a single hand of every human on every new invention on new technologies. The invention of mobile phones and internet brought it to next level.

Hence the myth becomes true. Yes all human have phones in their hand with high speed internet. Thus the entire world suppressed into their hands. 80 % of every happening in the world is reaching people through their mobile phones. Like Purchasing, Ticket booking, Music concerts, Live programs, TV channels, Youtube, Sports, Education, Video conference, Renting, Selling, Marketing.., like everything. You cannot take away anything from Internet.

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In this lockdown days, it has grown up like a giant in the public. It makes the concept of connecting people very much easier.

Covid Lockdown:

Without internet and mobile phones I could not be able to imagine this quarantine period. I would not say it helped a lot in this situation rather we faced this situation with this equipment. Yes it was acted as an weapon to not get stressed of being arrested inside home.

Information, News, Announcements were spread to everybody in the world very rapidly because of this medium. Without Internet it is unimaginable and could be unmanagable for the Government and the medical people. With the full belief of this technology, government and doctors have shared immediate announcements and shared precaution information to people. Information and announcements can be compromised by Radio and Television, since we all were inside our home.

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But the decision of locking people inside home is full and full taken and announced because of all the people have this technology in their handy. When the time we were arrested inside home, how will you get your basic needs like foods and things. Because of this medium only you have booked, purchased or called somebody to get items or get help or be informed.

Survive at any time:

Also people who has the facility to work from home has gently been escaped from unemployment. The only reason is internet. So it clearly proves, the only business or an activity at any cost makes you survive is Internet.

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So internet is the one and only thing that could run in all the situation. Starting a business in online will make you always available in the market place. Current trending business in the online market is renting business like Airbnb. That comes in the budget to become Entrepreneur in short period.

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