How does a live vehicle tracking feature in an uber clone app help a raid-hailing business?

uber clone , live vehicle tracking

Can live vehicle tracking be enabled in an uber clone app? Yes, a live tracking feature can be enabled on an uber clone app. The real-time tracking features help to enhance the user experience, user safety & frequently update the estimated time of arrival. So, raid-hailing entrepreneurs emphasize adding this feature in their platform.

Let’s see how it’s helpful.

Enhanced user experience through live vehicle tracking:

Through the smartphone rider app, riders can monitor driver live location continuously. This reduces riders’ tension and gives clarity where the taxi is. After that, most riders face disputes regarding the taxi fare. With the help of live tracking the uber clone app calculates the fare before the ride starts. Thus the rider knows the exact cost of the ride at the very beginning. All these provide a better user experience for the riders.

Secured ride:

Security is a prime concern for all the riders as well as the drivers. Both rider & driver don’t know each other personally. Thus, “fear of the unknown” naturally happens for all the users. Live vehicle tracking helps to rectify this issue. The rider can see the live location of the taxi through the smartphone app. Also, the rider can share the live location details with their trusted people. These things give a secure feeling to the riders & make them repeat users of the platform. Apart from these, cab companies also use geofencing in their uber clone app. Geofencing, which improves rider safety too, uses live vehicle tracking features.

Estimated time of arrival:

Booking a taxi on an app is an easy task for all. But how does the user know the arrival timing of the taxi & when he will reach the destination? 

Due to traffic, rain or some other reasons, taxis may get delayed. This creates unnecessary worries and tensions to the uber clone app users. To avoid this unnecessary anxiety, raid-hailing apps provide ETA’s to their users.

What is The ETA ( Estimated Time of Arrival ) ?

Live vehicle tracking is the key behind this wonderful ETA feature. Estimated time of arrival may explained as,

  • The approximate time taken by the taxi to reach the pick-up location of the rider.
  • Similarly, after the ride starts, the rider gets ETA updates frequently. This updates riders when he will reach the destination.

These ETA details of vehicles help riders to choose their convenient one.

Starting a raid-hailing business through an uber clone script is the best choice for entrepreneurs. To attract customers, platform owners want to show the uniqueness of their app. For this, they include features like live vehicle tracking in their application. We saw how live vehicle tracking enhances user experience & safety. Also how  it is helpful in calculating the estimated time of arrival. Thus, live vehicle tracking is an inevitable feature for a successful taxi app.