What is Agile Methodology?


What is AGILE?

Agile is the most recommended project management system that relies on iterative development throughout the software development lifecycle of a software project. Each iteration may classified into sprints. 


Through Agile methodology deliverable can be delivered to client in phase by phase of based on their completion. Those phases are called as sprints. So the entire project will be classified into sprints. Sprints can also be divided into subtasks if project requires.

Each project will have 2 to 4 sprints, Each sprints are planned to be delivered in weekly basis to client.

You can get feedback sprint by sprint and structure or restructure the project as your client wants it exactly.

And also, When the entire project classified into small pieces, the focus and approach of the team applied on the small piece will make the project more standard and bug free.

Managing AGILE:

JIRA is a an Agile project management tool through that you can achieve the above mentioned Agile work style environment. JIRA is an ultimately customizable tool which can be designed in all the way around that shoots best for your project and team.

Cron24 is completely acts in the culture of Agile style project management. Your custom development after the purchase of product fully be developed through Agile. 

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