A Step-by-Step Guide to Find Competitors Backlinks Without SEO Paid Tools

Find competitors backlinks without SEO paid Tools - Cron24 Technologies

Hey there! So you’re curious about finding your competitors’ backlinks, huh? No worries, I got you covered with some nifty ways to do it without spending a dime on paid SEO tools.

First things first, let’s figure out who your main competitors are. Do a quick search on Google using the primary keyword you want to rank for, and jot down the websites that are hogging the top spots.

Now, Google has some cool search tricks up its sleeve, and we’re gonna use them!

Type “link:competitor.com” (replace “competitor.com” with your actual competitor’s URL) to see all the pages that link to their site. Sneaky, right?

Next up, you can also use the “site:competitor.com” trick to see all the indexed pages from your competitor’s domain. This can give you a broader view of their content and link profile.

Alright, now let’s dig deeper. ,

There are free backlink analysis tools like Moz Link Explorer, Ahrefs Backlink Checker, and Ubersuggest Backlinks Tool. These babies can give you more detailed info on your competitor’s backlinks. Some of them have free versions, so you can take a peek without spending a dime.

Don’t stop there! Check out their social media profiles and industry-specific forums. Sometimes, they might be getting backlinks from there too.

Oh, and keep an eye out for any guest posts or content partnerships they have. Those often lead to juicy backlinks.

Remember, the internet is constantly changing, so you gotta stay on top of things. Regularly monitor your competitors’ backlinks to see what new stuff they’re up to.

Once you’ve found those links, don’t forget to analyze their quality and relevance. You want to understand how those backlinks are boosting their rankings so you can come up with a stellar strategy for your own site.

Happy hunting and good luck with your SEO adventures! 🚀