Airbnb Clone – Instant Booking Vs Normal Booking

airbnb clone - instant booking vs Normal booking - posted by cron24 technologies

Airbnb Clone:

Airbnb clone is like a little twin of Airbnb — a website or app that imitates Airbnb’s main features, allowing people to rent out their homes or spaces to travellers, providing an alternative to traditional hotels. This tech loaded platform helps to link hosts and guests instantly. Ultimately, airbnb clone script allows the entrepreneurs to launch an own marketplace platform like airbnb in no time.

In this blog we will discuss about an niche feature in Airbnb clone script, “Instant Booking” and “Normal Booking” refer to different approaches to how guests can reserve accommodations.

Let’s explore the differences between the two:

1.Instant Booking:

Instant Booking allows guests to book a property immediately without having to wait for the host’s approval.

When a property is listed with Instant Booking enabled, guests can view the available dates, the price, and other details, and then proceed to book directly without any additional confirmation steps. This offers a quick and seamless booking experience for guests.

Pros of Instant Booking:

– Convenience: Guests can book instantly without having to wait for host approval, making it more efficient.

– Higher Conversion: The streamlined booking process can lead to higher conversion rates as there are fewer steps for potential guests to complete.

Cons of Instant Booking:

– Host Control: Some hosts prefer to have more control over who stays in their property and might be hesitant to enable Instant Booking due to the lack of a screening process.

2. Normal Booking:

Normal Booking, also referred to as “Request to Book,” requires guests to send a booking request to the host.

After receiving the request, the host has the option to either approve or decline the reservation based on their availability and preferences. This method provides hosts with an opportunity to review potential guests before confirming the booking.

Pros of Normal Booking:

– Host Screening: Hosts can review guest profiles, previous reviews, and other information before accepting a booking, which may make them feel more comfortable about who is staying in their property.

– Flexibility: Hosts have the flexibility to accept or decline requests based on their availability.

Cons of Normal Booking:

– Delay: The booking process may take longer as guests have to wait for host approval, potentially leading to a loss of bookings if guests decide to book elsewhere in the meantime.

– Guest Experience: Some guests may prefer a more immediate and straightforward booking process and may find the waiting time frustrating.

By using both Instant Booking and Normal Booking options in an Airbnb clone script can offer a balanced approach.

Hosts can choose to enable Instant Booking for specific periods when they are confident about their availability, and they can use Normal Booking for times when they want to review potential guests more carefully.

Ultimately, the choice between Instant Booking and Normal Booking depends on the preferences of the property owners (hosts) and the overall user experience goals of the platform.

Some hosts may prefer the control and screening offered by Normal Booking, while others may opt for the ease and efficiency of Instant Booking.

Thank you for reading.