How to become (successful) Entrepreneur

When you have a plan to become entrepreneur, you are already 50% entrepreneur. When you do actions to achieve that you are 75% entrepreneur. There is no 100% entrepreneur. Because all the entrepreneur will have more and more dreams to achieve. They don’t get tired nor shorten their circle at any stage. To cross the 75% you should professionally handle some major things. We are gonna see some of very important of them in this blog

Self Made:

Self made is an important practice to become successful businessman. You should not expect someone to push you from back to do your work. You should engage yourself in doing effective activities for business grow.

You should sculpture yourself in all the angles.

You cannot become perfect self made at the first time. Practice will give you that experience always. What is practice?

Practice is continuous action that you have taken. You may fail or succeed. But you will get experience from that what to do and what to not. That practice will give you self confidence to succeed fast.


You should know how to prioritize your office work as well your personal routine works.

To be more productive and finish the tasks faster and effective without confusion, you should always order the tasks based on priority.

You have to engage yourself in a prioritized order. You may have lot of works to do. But you should know which one is more prior and which one can be completed later. Priority should be numbered based on importance of the work. When you clearly know to set priority then, you will not worry about finishing tasks.

Risks Management:

Ordinary people would like to be in safer side and not to take risks. They can be available as employee source for your companies later.

As an entrepreneur, you should love to take risks. In the meantime, you should aware of what kind of risks you can take and what kind you should not.

Taking risks on own is more dangerous, but that risk only give you self-confidence and many hidden tips and hope to believe yourself that others could not taste even. So you should stand on worthy beneficial risks.

Track and schedule:

Track every actions that you have done for your development and company development. Do compare those reports in weekly basis. So that you can scale your status and easily can identify the area where you should concentrate more to achieve your goals. After identified, please do a necessary action to improvise yourself.

Schedule all the future tasks that you planned to do for the future development of you and company. Try to complete them all in that specified time. Don’t push that to another day for any cause.

Check often your schedules are useful to your business growth.

These are some important things you should consider to become successful entrepreneur. Hope you understand.

Let us see more in part II.

Thank you