Key difference between laravel and core Php


Php is most popular web developing server side programming language in the web developing world.


Framework is nothing but a structured platform to use the programming language. Laravel framework is one of the best framework for php which structured with MVC architechture

Frameworks proves that its much more better than Core PHP through lot many technical reasons.

Real-Time Example:

I hope a simple real-time example will make you understand the difference more clearly between both.

Let say you planned to travel to a place where you ever travelled before.

How you will reach the place?

You may follow the direction boards and milestones on the road, you may ask somebody for the root, you may have taken a wrong root or long distanced root, you may wandering around the same path again and again, sometimes, you could have not been reaching the place even. Also when you travel back, you should have remember the path.

Inversely, lets think you have a mobile with Google maps. What you will do?

You will simply turn on the location and put the destination and just follow it right?

When you use Google Maps, you could have reach your destination easily without more distractions because of its structured features like, travel duration calculation, multiple possible ways recommendations to reach the destination, of course you could have known the shortest path also. So your way is very much clear to reach your destination without any confusion. Same technic is used to travel back also.

From the above example, you would clearly know which suits better

Lets apply this example to our concept,

Applied Concepts:

Core Php is like “without google map”. You may reach your destination, but you may face lot of struggles, you may exceed the delivery timeline, you may have bunch of codes repeated unnecessarily, when you look back the codes it could be more complex to rework and inconsistent.

Framework is like “with Google map”. So when you have a structured platform to play around, you can deliver consistent output, improved accuracy, ontime delivery. Also its more easy to understand the code for others to rework or continue the project for future implementation and updates.


When a project or client requires a redesign or revamp the project for new updation or feature add-on, it will be very complex and time taking process from Core php. But through framework its more easy and convenient.


Always better qualified result can be expected in the framework design structure because of its MVC architechture. Hence framework became most recommended style of coding for development.