What is Twitter Blue and its benefits ?

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Twitter blue is a new paid subscription method introduced by twitter CEO elon musk on Dec-12 2022. It includes a blue tick mark at next to the profile name. It means that user account is verified by twitter and eligible to use all advance features on twitter. It is a new strategy to grow Twitter’s market and earn more revenue from monthly & annual subscriptions. This allows normal users to become verified users to share their thoughts more comfortably.

Benefits of subscribing twitter blue:

  • All the twitter blue users can able to edit tweets upto 5 times within 30 minutes.
  • Verified Users can able to upload/post long duration videos with High quality upto FHD-(1080p)
  • Verified users can able to bookmark their bookmarked (saved) tweets into custom folders to discover it for later purpose.
  • Verified users can see only 50% of ads during the scroll.
  • Verified users can able to post longer tweets upto 4000 characters long. It helps to share your detailed blogs in single view.
  • Verified users comments are prioritized at the top of the queue in the comments section.
  • Verified users are able to set your owned NFT (Non-Fungible Token) pictures as twitter profile photo. It allows to connect crypto wallet and choose the NFT profile picture and upload it.

Finally blue subscribers have to pay of Annual plan – $6.8/month – Annually $82/year | Monthly plan – $7.8/month – Annually $94.17/year

Note :

  • Every Blue Subscribers are verified with phone number. It will take few hours to verify you account based on your tweet activity. Once the verification is completed you will get a blue checkmark on your twitter profile.
  • Only Twitter Blue users are able to get new features and updates for early access.

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