Things that leads to leadership (part II)


In our previous session, we have seen some of the key aspects which makes us great leader. In this session we will be continuing the remaining aspects of them.

Let’s jump into today’s concept


Whenever we hear/see this word influence some of us may start think in a negative way. Influence is not a word that denotes negative activity. As a leader you should influence people to believe themself to achieve goals. Because some people may have low rate hope themself. Influencing them with the good hope will make them work confidently.

“Influence your teammates for company goals”

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Third Eye:

As a team leader to be ahead and distinct from normal people, you should have a special eye on all your projects, decisions, company policies, decision making in everything. You should always be prepared with many possible solutions for every action happening around and on behalf of you. That third eye will always save you from unexpected happening in unexpected situation. Be prepared with a plan is a third eye ideology in leadership concept.

“Third eye is a secret eye with extra vision”

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Leaders always should be a bridge between employer and the employees. You are a special employee with some employer power. Before you become bridge, you should empathize both side like what they have in their mind. For example, you should empathize the expectations of employers over employees. Meanwhile you should empathize the employee’s need and expectations to employers. If you succeed with that your job will become very smoother.

“Empathy is finding inner echoes of others”

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These above total 7 things will surely make you a great leader. You dont go anywhere. Just follow these 7, gradually you will become unbelievable leader in your organization.

Hope you understand good.

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